5 Senses Gift Ideas for Him

Looking to gift him for his birthday, a promotion at work, graduation, or your anniversary but have no idea what to get? You can save yourself the stress by getting him multiple gifts that tease all his five senses. The five senses gift concept is the perfect way to show your appreciation. It revolves around getting him gifts that appeal to all five basic senses. The best bit is that you can choose to give him all the gifts at once or space them out over the holidays. Whatever option you find most suitable, here are gift ideas for each sense.

Gift Ideas for Sight

The eyes have been nicknamed the windows to the soul for a good reason, they’re the most receptive of our sensory organs. Also, note, men are mostly visual creatures, and as such, you could never go wrong with a gift that revolves around seeing. This is a sense that allows you lots of flexibility as you can get him anything, as long as it can be seen. Here are some great ideas to get you started.

  1. If he loves his football or basketball games, then a great and memorable gift would be tickets to one of the games or if possible, the finals
  2. A PS5
  3. A camera
  4. A pair of sunglasses from his favorite brand
  5. As your spouse, you’ll definitely want his eyes on you at the end of the day. For that reason, a sensual gift is also a great idea. Note, for this one, less is more, so get yourself a pair of personalized sexy lingerie and boxer shorts for him. 

Gift Ideas for Sound

For a sentimental gift on the sense of sound, consider the following.

  1. A pair of earphones, air pods or headphones from his favorite brand
  2. Create a mixtape of his top five favorite songs
  3. A portable Bluetooth player
  4. A subscription to audiobooks if he loves reading
  5. Offer to pimp his car stereo system for him

Gift Ideas for Smell

You can get pretty creative with this sense. Some ideas to get you started are as outlined.

  1. His favorite cologne or perfume
  2. If he has facial hair, a beard care set which includes scented beard oil
  3. A sweet-smelling hair gel
  4. A cool, refreshing car air freshener
  5. A nice-smelling aftershave

Gift Ideas for Taste

Take his taste buds for a ride with flavorful gifts or something relating to taste. For instance;

  1. Get him a beer mug
  2. A bottle of his favorite whiskey and a rocks whiskey glass
  3. Cook him his favorite meal and make it a candlelit dinner
  4. A gift basket packed with all his favorite treats
  5. A surprise dinner at a five-star hotel

Gift Ideas for Touch

Touch is an essential love language. You’ve the chance to be as sensual as you want. Here are some gift ideas for touch.

  1. Get him pampered by treating him to a whole spa day where he’ll get a full body massage, a facial, a pedicure and any other relaxing treatment
  2. A pair of silky boxers
  3. An unbelievable soft pillow with his name on it
  4. Treat him to a personal massage at home complete with hot massage oil
  5. A bathtub date complete with candles, rose petals, a bubble bath, and a bottle of champagne

The five senses gift concept makes it easier for you to get him multiple thoughtful gifts he’ll appreciate. Ensure you include a greeting card wherever applicable.