As the holidays approach, the gift lists are starting to take form. From loved ones to teachers to people at work, we all have a lot to think about. Every year, a lot of us get excited about the big ticket items. Those black Friday deals, like TVs, computers and phones always seem to take center stage.


But what about the joys of early morning holidays? Sometimes, it is all the little things that make the biggest difference. For many children, and adults alike, it is the “stocking stuffers,” or colorful collections of little gifts that are really the most fun. Wrapping many individual gifts, to be presented in a stocking, basket or gift bag, is a special way to let your loved ones know you really took the time to treat them this year. This is because choosing many small presents takes a lot of care. It means that you know the person or, for people you haven’t known for years yet, that you are trying to know them.


Think about this- if you have a niece who always cares particularly for her nails, you should try to elaborate that into a set of amusing little boxes, wrapped items and bags. As she delves in, each polish color, buffer or trimmer becomes part of a larger collection. Just watch her eyes light up as she realizes each piece is connected, and that she has just been presented with a really thoughtful gift.


Here are some ideas to get you warmed up for stocking stuffing and small-gift giving, for any occasion.


●      For the Adventurer

We all have someone in our lives who plays by their own rules. Be it a free spirit of a brother-in-law, a college friend or a cousin; this is the kind of person who regales you with their stories of travel and adventure. Pack together a compass, a hip flask with a nautical or other travel theme, a map with markers for visited spots and a great travel wallet.


●      For the Gardener

This is the gift list for the person you know with the greenest of thumbs. That envious friend or family member; the one who can nurse back to life even the most wilted and neglected of plants. Think about showering them with an indoor planter loaded with succulents, the finest fertilizers or plant nutrients on the market, a great pair of gardening gloves and a brand new knee pillow for those long days on the lawn.


●      For the Entertainer

This one goes out to the party-throwers in your life. Everyone has a sister, an uncle or somebody who lives to make a gathering. Let them know you appreciate their efforts with a fancy wine stopper, some gourmet crackers, a mini-torch for the kitchen and a set of wine charms to help their guests keep track of their drinks.


As you can see, the most important part of gifting like this is to take an interest in your recipient. We all love the show stopping reveals like furniture, fancy clothing or electronics, but sometimes it is the whimsical little items we get that really stay with us all year.