7 Tips on Gifting your Employees

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the world hard, and as a result, some employers have been forced to re-strategize, encouraging employees to work from home. As an employer, giving a little gift to your employees shows them that you care about them even during these tough times. However, you might wonder if you are crossing the ethical line. Here are a few tips.


1.    Gift Everybody

You don’t want division in your team. Therefore, when shopping for gifts, buy something for everyone. That way, no employee will feel left out or unappreciated. Make sure they receive their gifts at the same time to avoid anyone questioning your intentions.


2.    No Personal Gifts

As much as you want to show your employees that you care about them, you don’t want to send the wrong message. Therefore, while looking through the options, buy something neutral. For instance, you can purchase gifts according to their job. Alternatively, you can get them a sporting gift if they are passionate about sports. 


3.    How Much is Too Much?

To maintain a professional relationship, don’t spend too much on your employees’ gifts. A costly gift might leave your employees feeling uncomfortable. But how much is too much? Try not to exceed $100 on a gift. Besides, try to spend an equal amount of money on each employee’s gift. However, the money rule doesn’t apply when it is an achievement award. Your personal assistant and secretary are also an exception.


4.    Special Awards

You might want to send one of your employees a retirement gift. Or one of them is expecting a newborn. In that case, feel free to spend some more money. However, remember to do the same to other employees when they’ll be in a similar situation. You can give them a gift as simple as glassware.


5.    Creativity

Even as you try to give neutral gifts, don’t be boring. Try to be creative. Do some research to find out what gifts are trending. Also, try to personalize the gifts. This shows how thoughtful you are. Therefore, you need to keep in mind what type of person each employee is. Do they have a sweet tooth? Or do they love coffee?


6.    The Company’s Values

Your gift should convey your company’s values. What is your company all about? If you advocate for environmental conservation and sustainability, show that through your gift. You can even choose your corporate colors. Have fun while picking the gifts.


7.    Intangible Gifts go a Long Way

Sending a gift every time your employee does a good job is close to impossible. Especially in such a period where most people are working from home. However, general comments can get the job done. Send them an email to compliment them for a job well done from time to time.


If you don’t know where to start, figure out how you would like them to react to your gift. Remember that this is subject to the employees’ individual preferences. Also, set your budget, and make it flexible. Visit our page for elegant gifts.