Dinner parties are back in style and with them comes etiquette standards that define you as a well-polished host. While you may pay great attention to the food and décor, it is often the wine choice that receives the most attention. It is also common practice for guests to bring a bottle of wine as a gift. While you are under no obligation to serve it as your dinner party, you may want to brush up on glassware tips so that you know how best to serve wine when you decide to.

Which Glassware Should Be Set On A Formal Dinner Table?

Martha Stewart gives the best advice when it comes to formal dinner parties. She advises that you set all the glasses a guest will need during dinner service including red and white wine glasses, a champagne flute, a water glass, and an all-purpose glass. Stewart further advises:

  • Set your guest’s water glass above the knife and to the right of the plate.
  • Set wineglasses on the right side of the water glass in their order of usage.
  • Do not set your glassware for dessert as you can bring it out during its service.


Which Glassware Is Best For An Informal Dinner Table?

Glassware sets the mood. If you want to go for an informal dinner vibe, you will not want to use formal glassware. Moreover, you may not want to include just wine as a beverage since some guests may prefer beer, cocktails, or iced tea. Having a set of different glassware is advisable.

  • A Set Of Pilsner Glasses
  • Whiskey Glasses
  • Wine Glasses
  • Stemless White Glasses
  • Beer Mugs
  • Mason Jars (Perfect For Ice Tea Or Lemonade)

Which Glassware Is Best For Spills?

A sign of a good host is one who knows how to adapt to wine glass casualties as accidents happen. If you have guests who are prone to spills, you do not have to serve wine in stemmed wine glasses. You should always have on hand a collection of stemless wine glasses as an alternative. While still chic, they add a modernized feel to your formal or informal dinner tables.  

Are there Specific Wine Glass Designs That Keep Wine Cooler Longer?

The design concept is important to wine glass service. Wine glasses are created with different focuses in mind as it is important to control the temperatures for aroma and taste. If the wine gets too hot, it disrupts the aromatic experience. When too cold, it takes on a distasteful earthy taste.

  • Red Wines: 53-64 Fahrenheit / 12-18 Celsius (Ideal for Aromas)
  • White Wines: 46-53 Fahrenheit/ 8-12 Celsius (Ideal For Taste)
  • Dessert Wine Or Champagne: 41-44 Fahrenheit / 5-7 Celsius
  • Wine experts advise hosts or hostesses to uncork and decanter your wine bottles at least thirty minutes before dinner service begins and for no more than sixty minutes.

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