If you want to see a measure of family love, look no further than the chopping boards in the kitchen. From heirlooms to a typical gift for people starting out on their own, chopping boards are both practical and sensible. Thanks to companies like Say It With A Gift, they are also now considered artistic as well.  Here are seven different ways to personalize a chopping board that your family and friends will love.

1. Memorialize A Secret Family Recipe

Have you ever wanted to cook a favorite family recipe, but no one remembered to write it down? Now, it is a guessing game as to what goes in it. A cutting board is an ideal way to memorialize grandma’s cooking by letting one generation teach the next how to cook a secret family recipe.

 2. Cooking Instructions

If you put a recipe on one chopping board, why not use another for the directions? Letting someone know in what order to mix items, how high to set the oven or stove, or how long to cook something is a great way to use the board’s space. It is also a fun way to make light of a kitchen disaster where one of the cardinal rules were broken.

 3. Cutting Instructions When Using A Chopping Board

Do you know what julienne, paysanne, batonnet, or brunoise cuts are? Could you name all of the cutting techniques there are? An excellent way to remind someone is to add them to a chopping board with a short description so that new cooks can find their way in the kitchen. It will also help guide someone cutting which will be a double bonus.

 4. Favorite Kitchen Quotes

Home might be where the heart is, but it is in the kitchen where you will find your family gathering every day. If you search online for kitchen quotes, you will find more than 18 million such examples. Some sayings are feel-good quotes and others are rules which makes them the perfect choice to put on a chopping board.

 5. Create A Kitchen Keepsake

A cutting board is a beautiful way to start a family keepsake that adds the name and date of each new generation to a cutting board. Over time, it serves as a sort of genealogy because each link to the family tree is present.

 6. Imagery With Family Name And Date

You can add an image to a cutting board with a message, your family name, or any personal information that you would like. The imagery along with the inscription will serve as a focal point in the kitchen that will surely get visitors talking.

 7. Spiritual Sayings

No matter the culture, location, or the belief, spiritual sayings make for popular choices on chopping boards. From proverbs to verses, wise and reflective words restore faith when you likely need it the most.


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