For the lovers of spirits, breweries, and ales to lounging by a shimmering pool on a hot summer day with a glass of lemonade, August holidays were made just for you. Here are fun and festive August holidays that are perfect for Say It With A Gift glassware.

August 1: India Pale Ale Day / IPA Day

Have you ever tried an India Pale Ale Beer? The company dates back to the 1700s when the British soldiers headed to India and ventured aboard ships. This holiday is not sponsored by the company, but it does bring together IPA enthusiasts globally.

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August 3: International Beer Day

Since 1996, beer production has steadily increased over the two years as it rose to 1.96 billion hectoliters making it one of the most consumed beverages worldwide. It should not come as a surprise that International Beer Day first began after a group of college students first celebrated it in August of 2007. Today, friends who brew beer and enjoy sampling it come together to enjoy the taste of worldwide beers.

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August 4: Champagne Day

In 1693, French monk Dom Pierre Perignon was instrumental in the technique used to make this sparkling beverage. Champagne is not just for high-end celebrations in 2018 which is why Champagne Day is the perfect time to celebrate with friends or family.

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August 6: Root Beer Float Day

Root beer floats are an American tradition that is made from ice cream and root beer thanks to Frank Wisner who produced soda in Colorado back in 1893. After viewing a full moon, it sparked the idea of using ice cream and root beer as a treat.  Whether you love it or want to try it, Root Beer Float Day is the perfect opportunity.

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August 16: National Rum Day

Rum is made from the juices of sugarcane and molasses which production of this alcohol dates back to the Caribbean in the 1600s. The naming of rum was first found in Connecticut during 1654 even though it was not until the 1800s that they produced rum.

Buyer Tip: Stemless wine glasses are good for mixed drinks, and whiskey glasses will work well for rum and coke since the base is weighted.

August 20: National Lemonade Day

Lemonade stands are synonymous with American entrepreneurship as it dated back to New York City in 1879. National Lemonade Day helps youth learn about setting up and owning a business. The holiday was founded by Michael Holthouse who believed it was an ideal way to teach youth about business, personal responsibility, and finances.

Buyer Tip: To refresh yourself on a hot August day, try a mason jar of iced lemonade.

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