Have you ever received a personalized gift that had an inscription, your name, or a quote? If you are shaking your head yes right now, you know there is something to that warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you think about the sender’s attention to detail. If your favorite friends and family also love personalized gifts, we have a few reasons for you to pay that exciting feeling forward.

1. Personalized Gifts Are Custom-Made

Unlike other items that sit on shelves waiting for passersby, Say It With A Gift customizes our gifts to perfection so that when your loved ones see them, they speak volumes when you just can’t find the right words to say. When people get personalized gifts, the first thing on their minds is they have someone extraordinary in their lives.

 2. Personalized Gifts Create Lasting Memories

Some people want expensive shoes, clothes, or bags as gifts. They use them once or twice and put them on the shelf, forgotten until they discard them because they are no longer fashionable. Personalized gifts are much different. You take care of them, preserve them, and ensure that you keep them safe as they created lasting memories you want to keep.

 3. Personalized Gifts Signify A Connection Between Sender And Receiver

There is a saying that the three resources everyone needs are love, prayer, and forgiveness, but we argue that the fourth one would be personalized gifts. Inscribed gifts can be given in any season or for any reason, and Say It With A Gift will customize anything from glassware to mugs, flasks, tote bags, pillows, and jewelry boxes whether you need it for a special someone, a family member, grandparents, your wedding party, new parents, a friend’s birthday, a teacher, a housewarming get-together, or a coworker. 

Questions To Ask Before Selecting Personalized Gifts

Do you find it hard to shop for others? Do you have the kind of grandmother who says she really doesn’t want anything this year? If you are having a hard time deciding, Say It With A Gift is here to help you by providing you a list of questions you need to think about before choosing.

  • What is the friend’s favorite hobbies, interests, and activities?
  • What type of things would the person buy for him or herself?
  • What did your friend or family say were the most favorite gifts in the past?
  • What does he or she need? You could always fill a gift basket or tote bag with items.
  • What have you noticed the receiver likes, has, or buys on his or her own?
  • Are there any hints on social media? They will talk about it in Instagram Stories.
  • Can you turn this gift-giving event into an experience (a book, a tote, a movie)?
  • Do they like cute, funny, sentimental, spiritual, or philosophical sayings?
  • Which gift reflects how you feel about the person?


If you have questions or need a little help picking out the perfect personalized gift, call us at +65 3163 7454, +65 8456 2342, or email us at Say It With A Gift at [email protected].