“Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive.” ~Dalai Lama


Kindness is often defined as acts of generosity, thoughtfulness, and compassion. You have seen the benevolence in others, and you have engaged in goodness as well. Not only is it incredible for the receivers, but three studies by Dr. Lee Rowland and Oxford University found that it also affects the well-being of those who perform acts of kindness as well.

1. Find Non-Monetary Ways To Show Kindness

Doing a good deed is one of the most significant ways to give a gift of kindness to others. From doing chores for your family members, doing tasks for elderly neighbors, or volunteering to babysit for a deserving couple to experience a night out away from their hectic lives can go a long way to being kind in non-monetary ways.

 2. Compliment Others

Compliments are one of the simplest things to accomplish when wanting to be kind to others. It is also a pure way to make others feel better about themselves which you never know might be just what someone needs to change the direction of a defeated mindset.

 3. Give A Smile Or A Hug Just Because

Love is contagious, and it usually begins with communication like a smile or hug. When you visit with family, always remember to hug them. Also smile at neighbors, co-workers, and pedestrians to acknowledge their presence and brighten their moods.

 4. Perform Community Service

There is no better act than a selfless one in which you give back to people who need a helping hand. Spending the day at a homeless shelter serving food, cleaning city streets, or volunteering to teach others to read not only helps those in need but it gives you a purpose that exceeds the act of kindness since you are contributing to your community. 

 5.  Hold Open A Door…Manners Are Still A “Thing”

Have you ever taken the time to pay it forward in unexpected ways? Holding the door open or merely showing your respect can remind others that manners are still considered appropriate in our society. It takes little energy to promote positivity!

 6.  Donate To Your Favorite Non-Profit Charity

You can practice kindness by supporting a charity that promotes community well-being. If you do not have time to volunteer, a donation to a local animal rescue group, a homeless shelter, or a domestic violence organization will serve a far more significant purpose which would not be possible without your financial support.

 7. Give A Gift As An Act Of Kindness

You do not have to monetize kindness, but it feels good to receive a gift now and then. A thank-you gift for mom or dad, an acknowledgment of employee contributions at work, or a gift to someone who is ill can go further when someone undoubtedly needs it.

There are a thousand ways you can show kindness, but Say It With A Gift wants to challenge all of you to #GiveTheGiftOfKindness today. In a world of selfishness, it is the kindness we show one another that defines our real inner courage and strength.