Among the most important people that you hire for your wedding ceremony and reception is a photographer. The skilled professional is responsible for capturing all the highlights from your big day. Even if you don’t have a large budget set aside for your ceremony and reception, you’ll not want to skimp on the person taking your pictures. He or she provides you with a valuable service that you’ll truly appreciate years after getting married.

Get to Know the Photographer Professionally by Asking the Right Questions

Interviewing a potential wedding photographer gives you an idea as to how he or she operates creatively and professionally. It’s a standard practice for couples to schedule a time to meet with the photographer prior to their wedding day. Doing so helps clear up any concerns that might be had before any contracts are signed.

Here are ten important questions to ask your wedding photographer:

1. How long have you been in business?

This gives you an idea as to what type of reputation they’ve built in the industry.

2. Do you have a portfolio or website I can look at?

You’ll get to see how creative the photographer is with his or her practice.

3. Are you available for the entire day or for a specific length of time?

You’ll know right away if you’re getting a good deal or not.

4. What sets you apart from other professionals in the industry?

It may be how many photos they shoot or their editing process.

5. What is your approach to group shots?

A great group shot is a true skill that not all photographers master.

6. What types of cameras and lenses do you use?

Again, this allows you to get a feel for what types of photos are possible.

7. Do you have an assistant to help you set up shots?

If you have a big wedding party the wrangle come photo time, a second person could be very helpful in doing so.

8. How quickly will I see the photos after you’ve taken them?

Make sure that this information is included in any contract that you sign.

9. Will I receive a copy of every photo that you shot or just the ones you’ve edited?

Many photographers pick what they feel are the best shots to edit and provide you with a CD or digital file of the rest of the photos they’ve taken.

10. Do we order prints through you or have a photo lab take care of them for us?

There many be some flexibility in pricing if you choose to print your photos elsewhere so take note of the photographer’s answer to this question.

Knowing who to hire to take your wedding day photographs takes time and research. After all, you don’t get a second chance to reshoot the photos. You’ll want to hire a professional that is willing and able to get the best posed and candid shots throughout the day.

A Wedding Photo Checklist Helps the Photographer Know Which Shots to Focus On

Having a wedding photo checklist that you print out and give to them ensures that photographs of everything you want documented are taken. This includes the wedding dress, bouquet, table décor, and even the wedding favors you intend to give to guests. The more photo ideas you have listed, the better opportunity you have to shoot the perfect wedding photographs.