April is a month to celebrate family, beer, and laughter which is why it is the ideal time to show loved ones that you appreciate all that they do for you. Here are eight perfect holidays in April that you can use to Say It With A Gift.

April 2: World Family Day

World Family Day is a widely celebrated holiday in which families use the day to delve into the meaning of being a family unit. It is also an opportunity to spend time with each other while engaging in family fun. It is the perfect opportunity to order a few favorites as door prizes, too!

April 5: Go For Broke Day

The term “go for broke” means that you should risk everything to receive a reward. When someone risks everything, it signifies that someone is giving all he or she has to offer. The prize could be financial or emotional, or it could lead to nothing in return.

April 7: National Beer Day

People celebrate National Beer Day in several countries. In the United States, it became a holiday after Senators Cullen and Harrison signed into law the Cullen-Harrison Act which legalized the sale of beer in 1933. Nothing celebrates the end of prohibition than personalized beer mugs. Spend the day at a barbeque or have a dinner party to celebrate the day.

April 10: National Sibling Day

While it is not an official holiday yet, it is indeed a day that people should recognize by buying siblings gifts that capture the meaning of the day. It is also a time that siblings can make new memories by having a nice dinner or watching a movie together.

April 14: International Moment of Laughter Day

This holiday has so many meanings to many people around the world. Izzy Gesell created the day so that each person could find a way to relieve stress. You have an opportunity to laugh a little bit more than usual by doing unusual things like a balloon ride, dinner with friends, or time with family having a moment of togetherness.

April 16: National Stress Awareness Day

There are millions of things in life that can stress people out from work to family to finances. National Stress Awareness Day is a moment to take a break from work or responsibilities. It is the perfect excuse to spend the day doing something unusual or nothing at all.

April 20: Volunteer Recognition Day

According to Newsweek, more than 25% of residents in the United States volunteer. Most people do so with little recognition, so Volunteer Recognition Day is the perfect excuse to give a gift to show appreciation and say thank-you. It is also a great way to get more people involved in local volunteer work.

April 28: Kiss Your Mate Day

As if you needed a special day to kiss your mate, this day allows people to set the mood for a romantic dinner or a special date night. While you do not need an excuse to kiss your mate, it certainly adds to the unique effect when you go out of your way to make someone feel special.

Many more interesting international holidays exist that can liven up your life. While you do not always have to Say It With A Gift, you can learn from these fun holidays and celebrate with the people who mean the most.