Have you started thinking about gifts for your favorite nurse, teacher, or family member? If not, you should be as May is the official month to celebrate their contributions to society. Take a few minutes to learn more about five perfect May holidays for gift-giving.

1. May 6 National Nurses Day (May 12 International Nurse Day)

Florence Nightingale was the founding philosopher of nursing. As Nightingale’s birthday is May 12, it is little surprise that the week preceding the international celebration chooses to spotlight nursing students and those who work in operating rooms or schools.  

Nurses internationally provide a significant public service as they contribute to the quality of our health care. It is a critical job that we must recognize because of their duties including giving comfort, care, and providing for our well-being day and night.

 2. May 8 National Teachers Day

Teachers are the backbone of our education system, so it is vital that we take a day to celebrate their significance worldwide. They provide a valuable public service that is one of the most difficult since teachers must be caregivers, educators, and disciplinarians.

Teacher’s Day occurs all around the world. The first teachers' Day in America was because of Ryan Krug and Eleanor Roosevelt. In 1953, Roosevelt convinced the 81st Congress to proclaim the first week in May as the official holiday.

 3. May 10 National Receptionists Day (Second Wednesday In May)

National Receptionist Day recognizes the essential duties that office workers provide to businesses worldwide. Your receptionists greet clients, handle most clerical duties, and acts as the voice of the company when answering phones.

The first Receptionist Day took place in 1991 in the United States as a means to celebrate their professionalism. It also became a holiday in the UK in 2012.  International Receptionist’s Day now takes place on the second Wednesday of May each year. 

4.  May 13 National Mother’s Day

 As we just did a full blog post about personalized gifts for Mother’s Day, you know that moms are celebrated worldwide because of their love and dedication to the family. It is one of the most celebrated holidays that pays tribute to the matriarch of the family.


While Mother’s Day has been around since the beginning of time in one form or another, it is hard to believe that it just became an official holiday in 1908. With spring in full effect, a present and a picnic will be an excellent way to say I love you.

 5. May 15 International Day Of Families

International Families Day is a celebration of peace, economics, and social challenges within communities worldwide. The 2018 theme is “Families and Inclusive Societies.” In the past, other topics have taken on social responsibility, family, and work.

The UN General Assembly first recognized this holiday in 1993. Their primary focus is on social awareness which enables all families and communities to advance causes that affect everyone regardless of socio-economic situation or demographic.

It takes special people to do these public service jobs, so do not forget to let Say it With A Gift help you show your thanks for all that they do for you and your family.