A tote is a bag for any occasion. From the housewife who needs to carry everything to the teen who loves sports or libraries, it is the quintessential accessory that everyone needs. If you do not yet own a tote, here are five reasons why you should.

1. Trendy Fashion Accessory:

Totes have been stylish for centuries as the typical design was a simple bag with handles. Depending on the material used to construct the tote, the price can range from a few dollars to a few million. Yes, we said million, but let us not forget that trendy and high-fashion can be two very different things when a designer label is attached. We at Say It With A Gift prefer chic and user-friendly which is why our totes are affordable.

2. Sturdy Design:

The cotton canvas is the most dependable fabric a person can own. You can use this bag in any environment or type of weather. It is also a natural fabric to clean which means it will be a long-lasting product well worth the value. It is also a durable fabric that perfectly matches with day wear, but do not count out business wear either as the canvas tote can accentuate any attire.

 3. Functionality:

Totes can be used for any occasion and by any person. Some people prefer to use them as reusable shopping bags to be environmentally friendly. Others use it for school, work, or church functions because totes provide just the right size bag for books, snacks, or supplies. For hobby lovers like knitting or sewing, it has just the right size and shape to bring along all your craft items.  It is also convenient for travel to hold your tablet, cell phone, or toiletries.  

 4. Perfect Personalized Gift Idea:

When you take the time to personalize a gift, it speaks directly to the heart in that you want to show love and adoration. It is also an ideal and practical gift to give since you have 45 characters to write a private message or a famous quote. Say It With a Gift also makes a variety of totes for any occasion which means that they are perfect for the person who uses totes for different seasons and many reasons.

5. Marketing Strategy:

Small business owners are always trying to find exciting ways to market their business. Branding totes is a great way to use them for day-to-day function or customer incentives. The ‘Love Takes us to different places Love takes us home’ tote is an ideal marketing strategy that allows you to add a motto or company name to customize your brand and business objectives further.

Our cotton canvas totes represent the original tote idea that was used in the 1600s to carry anything you need at the time. With a little sophistication and style, they also offer users a unique fashion accessory that speaks to a quirky, quiet, or classy personality. With the right message, it also reminds us of those who love us most which makes our tote a priceless gift to give or receive!