Personalized glassware makes the perfect gift for any occasion. Not only are they elegant, but they make excellent gifts because they show the receiver that you put much thought into its special delivery. Whether you are shopping for a classy or pragmatic attitude, adding a quote, a love note, or a particular date will make anyone feel superb.

Here are 7 perfect gift ideas for your loved ones:

1. For the Bride and Groom: Vertical Script Crystal Toasting Flute

Brides and grooms receive many gifts that improve a house aesthetically. But to make a house into a home, it takes a lot of love. What better way to send that message than by personalizing the flute? The beautiful crystals in the stem also send a message of contemporary sophistication.

2. For the Practical Dad: Superhero Pilsner Glass

A dad loves to be told he is your hero, and the Superhero Pilsner Glass will communicate it loud and clear. With White etching and a natural glass form, it sets the mood for a perfect gift that shows your appreciation for all that a parent, sibling, or friend does.

3. For a Special Occasion: Monogram Rocks Whiskey Gift

Whether you are having a dinner party or a holiday get-together, this old-fashioned whiskey glass has a thick base and a wide brim which makes mixing and serving easy. Personalizing them with a sweet message also makes it the perfect gift idea.

4. Summer BBQ or Garden Party: Flourish Rustic Mason Jar

Mason jars are all the rage at a hot, summer BBQ, a shaded garden party, or an informal gathering with family or friends. The glass handle and the silver lid also makes it versatile to add candy which makes for a unique gift idea.

5. Sunday Game Day: Lips Beer Mug:

This glass beer mug is perfect for a birthday, game day, or a weekday where you want a loved one to relax and just enjoy it. The beveled handle and round glass provide a personal gift for someone with an easy-going attitude.

6. For those who Prefer Nautical Gifts: Anchor Rocks Whiskey Glass

If you have a family member who loves anything to do with the ocean, this customizable tribute represents the love and passion your loved one has for the world of maritime. The weighted base will help stabilize the glass if your loved one decides to take a drink out sailing.

7. For the Restauranteur or VIP: Script Stemless Wine Glass

Chic and contemporary, this glassware can be personalized for a business owner or for the patrons. Adding a personalized logo adds style and class, but more importantly, it conveys that the establishment is upscale and classy.

If you want to know which one suits your friend the best, it is essential to consider a few things before making your selection. First, you should think about what type of event the gift is for. If you are going to an informal occasion, you will want to choose something that sets the mood. If the affair is formal, you will want to pick something that is celebratory.

If you cannot think of what message to personalize, think about your friend’s character. For a birthday, you might quote something about age. If this is something you want to memorialize, you could add your friend’s name, occasion, and the date. If you just want to say thank-you, this is an excellent way to show your appreciation.

You can also choose any of our glassware to make customized gifts for family and friends. Add your message, and then fill the flute or jar with unique items that say how much you care! Adding candy, artisan honey, hand-picked pecans or walnuts, or just a note for every day of the year is an additional surprise that will keep on giving. Visit Pinterest for more homemade gift ideas or visit our blog for exciting ways to say how much you care!