Buying the perfect gifts for friends and family can be difficult when you do not know what they have, need, or even want. So, how do you choose the right ones? It is not so hard when you change your focus from the gift to the personality of the receiver. Here are a few things to consider when buying gifts for others which will improve your buying habits.

What Are The Receiver’s Hobbies?

When you pinpoint people’s hobbies, it enables you to think about activities you know they will enjoy. If someone enjoys reading, a book and a tote will make for ideal gifts which you know will be appreciated and used. If you have a friend that loves dinner parties, a beautiful set of glasses or table décor would be excellent choices. When you narrow down the scope of a person’s hobby, it helps you figure out what to buy.

  • What activities do they like the most?
  • What type of gifts qualify based solely on this observation?
  • Which product or service represents the receiver’s personality the best?

What Are Your Shared Experiences?

Thinking about a shared experience is one of the best ways to shop for gifts. Choosing something that has a special meaning personalizes the act of giving and receiving.  The person will not only have a lovely item, but he or she will also have a memory based on a favorite time in your lives. Here are things you should remember when selecting a gift based on a shared experience.

  • How did you meet? Friendships have different dynamics than familial connections.
  • Is there an event where you and a family member created a favorite memory?
  • Is there a quote or a lyric that the two of you love?
  • Is there a special place in the world you traveled together or dream of going?

What Do Your Friends Or Loved Ones Hint About?

No one wants to buy a present only to find out it has been re-gifted because the receiver did not like it. Not only is it hurtful, but it feels like you wasted money that was not appreciated. Pay attention to clues around you as it is the best way to identify and purchase a flawless gift.

  • If you are buying for an occasion that has a set annual date (birthday, anniversary, or holiday), people who anticipate gifts will hint about what they want.
  • Look for open magazines on counters, refrigerator magnet ads, or a website page left on a shared device as a receiver will subtly provide you with purchase information.


What Does The Recipient Like On Social Media?

Did you know that it is simple to find out what someone wants based on social media activity? Without even thinking about it, people store much information online. Every comment, like, or share enables you to learn more about a person’s wants or needs.

  • Look for companies that have the most interactions.
  • See if there are any comments about products or services that show preference.


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