Today’s micro-dwellings aren’t what they used to be. Often compared to a shoebox or closet in size, they can be decorated in ways that make them look and feel spacious. If you live in a tiny place but don’t want it to be void of charm and coziness, read further. We have suggestions that will transform the way you live and even improve your quality of life by making your living arrangements more comfortable.

Here are five tips that transform your tiny dwelling by making it look and feel large:

1. Choose objects of various heights to use throughout the space.

Doing so allows you to create depth and dimension where it is currently lacking. Include picture frames in different sizes and use them as focal points on walls and end tables. You can also choose colors that complement the other furnishings and decor you have in the room.

2. Pull furniture away from the wall to open up the space.

Doing so helps establish different perimeters in the room. It doesn’t look so small because you’ve opened up areas around the furniture instead of pushed each piece against the wall. You can then play with color, pattern, and texture to further create the illusion of depth in the space.

3. Buy items that have built-in storage in them.

That way, you can keep unwanted items from crowding the space. They can stay where they are until needed. You’ll have access to things such as extra throw blankets, a book of crossword puzzles, and remote controls without them taking away from the aesthetic of the room or taking up precious square inches of space.

4. Instead of painting trims and frames white, choose a lighter shade than the painted wall.

White creates too much stark contrast. Using lighter shades of pre-existing color makes a space seem much larger than it is. It creates contrast between light and dark without closing off the space. Go a shade or two lighter when painting trims and frames. You’ll love how bold of difference it makes visually.

5. Hang shelves close to the ceiling to help keep the eyes moving upward.

The most important thing to remember is to create several points of focus throughout a space. Doing so helps make a room appear much larger than it actually is. By making use of walls as well as floors, you’re able to store many of the things you love to display. People won’t zone in on one area of your small place. Instead, they’ll find things that visually interest them throughout the room.

There are many ways to incorporate your favorite home furnishings even if you live in a small place. You just need to know where to put them. Doing so allows you to showcase each item without it being overshadowed by too much stuff in one tiny place.

A small space can feel extra roomy by employing a few strategic tricks like the ones listed above. Your apartment, loft or tiny home can be everything you hoped it would be. By adding personalized touches in a very specific way, you’ll be living large in a tiny place in no time!