Over the last year, exciting wedding trends like gift lounges, macramé, and bold colored wedding gowns came and went for a host of new brides and grooms. In 2018, new couples will soon begin to research by reading countless articles and blogs looking for exclusive ways to make their wedding days exceptional. Most brides start their searches for trends, and this year, you should expect couples to combine a bit of tradition with a few modern touches.

If you are wondering about the top 5 wedding trends for 2018, this article is just for you as we contrast the outgoing, popular choices with the new bridal season.

1. Change in Venue Style

From Unique to Elegance: The location is typically one of the most competitive tasks on a bride and groom’s to-do list. In 2017, private venue landmark locations trended throughout the year. In 2018, though, expect to see a fusion of lavish venue sites that offer a modern take on the bride and groom’s happily ever after.

According to the Wedding Report, the median expense for a ceremony in 2018 is estimated at $28,020. With a bigger budget than last year, brides will be more open to paying a bit more for the perfect location while also cutting back on the smaller details.

2. Wedding Dress Designs

Out with 3D Long Sleeves and in with Arm Warmers: Urban chic crossed over to high fashion as arm warmers replaced last year’s intricately designed sleeves. Models walked the 2018 Bridal Fashion Week runway wearing stunning gowns that enchanted the soon-to-be-brides. Formerly, arm warmers were seen as a cheaply knitted fashion accessory, but today designers consider them luxurious and chic.

3. Outdoor Receptions

Couples are Leaving Behind Ideas Like Photo Booths for a More Casual Feel Like Garden Party Receptions: In 2017, brides chose to optimize time and reception settings by using photo booths and gift lounges to entertain guests. This year, the couples will opt for a casual atmosphere which will include outdoor receptions and lawn activities.

4. Wedding Decor

Fewer Blooms and More Greenery: Expect a change in the décor as weddings use fewer blooms and an overabundance of greenery. Last year, decorators infused a lot of colors whether it was on the table or hanging from the walls. This year, brides are looking for a more natural setting like decorating using moss walls or

From Metallics to Lighter Tones: Metallics like rose gold and copper were all the rage last year both in fashion and design. This year, expect the bride and groom to say their vows amid lighter tones like plum, orchid, and peach.

5. Floral Design Patterns

Neutral Palettes to Daring Floral Patterns: While decorative flowers seem to be winding down, expect to see designers use floral patterns to liven up the venue. Whether it is floral tabletop covers or on the invitations, designers will counterbalance the greenery to create a vision of natural beauty.

Less Lace and More Intimate Uses of Hand Painted Floral Cake Décor: Last year, brides craved cakes that were covered in bling, geological influence, silk, and beads. This year, brides will desire tradition which will include hand-painted floral cake décor to offset the lack of flower décor.  


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