It is springtime, and couples around the world are tirelessly planning weddings with fashionable attire, beautiful venues, delectable cuisine, and extravagant décor. What that means for attending friends and family is that shopping for gifts will be on the to-do list. Do you know, however, which of the wedding events you need to buy gifts? Here are five Say It With A Gift Q & A’s about wedding events that guests want to know.

1. Am I Required To Give A Gift At Engagement or Wedding Showers?

Whether you are a part of the wedding party or a guest, the question will come up about gift-giving etiquette for the engagement, the wedding shower, and the reception. While it is not a requirement, it is considered an excellent gesture to bring a gift to each event. You do not have to go all out like at a wedding and reception, but you should find an affordable, yet trendy, gift to present to the bride and groom at an engagement party or a wedding shower.

2. Is A Personalized Gift A Good Idea?

This wedding season, give personalized gifts to couples which they can use for the wedding ceremony or reception. A customized inscription is all about the relationship that exists between the giver and receiver. It also illustrates the enthusiasm you have for the couple as they begin their new life together. A particular quote or a memorable date will quickly become a favorite keepsake.

3. Is Home Décor An Ideal Gift To Give?

You are probably not surprised that brides prefer this type of gift over something impractical. What better gift to give than something the couple will use? Décor like pillows or picture frames are ideal gifts to present to a couple that you know they will appreciate. Home décor is also meaningful as it looks toward the future instead of a gift focused on the bride or groom’s individuality. 

4. How Do Couples Feel About Kitchen Accessory Gifts?

Buying something like glassware, coffee cups, or table décor are always favorite gifts to present at a wedding party. Gift-giving at an event like this is not mandatory, so it is acceptable to bring a gift that the couple will appreciate. This gift is ideal since couples start out with only a few useful kitchen accessories.

5. Are Travel Supplies Advantageous Gift Ideas?

Travel is often a gift idea forgotten by guests. For the bride or groom’s wedding party, travel supplies will be ideal if each member has already contributed to travel arrangements. An engaged or soon-to-be-wedded couple will travel, so two DSE Luggage Tags With Swarovski Elements will be a thoughtful gift idea for when they are ready to set out on an excursion.  

With the engagement party, a wedding shower, or the reception, guests will have to find practical ways to stretch gift purchase budgets if you intend to give something at every event. If you need a bit of inspiration about ways to accomplish it, contact us as we will be happy to help you find the perfect gift ideas.